Jos Beurskens           Sculptor - Painter

...whenever I am surprising myself I know things work out well... whatever materials I am employing, whatever theme I am developing, I sculpt…

I graduated from  Maastricht Art Academy in 1991, with a Major in Monumental Art, and I am since active as a professional sculptor and painter.

I delivered quite a variety of monumental art in the international arena, reflected by expositions in 9 different countries, 3 of which outside of Europe. In Holland my work can be seen at various public places.

I like creating sculptures based on quite a variety of materials. For instance: marble, plastic, Corten steel, wood, copper, ceramics and bronze.

My paintings are usually abstract and colorful.

Apart from being an active artist, I am also providing courses and work shops. I taught drawing and painting art at the Linne School of Art: portraits, nude models and free (abstract) painting and drawing.

Since 2001 I am teaching sculpture, nude and portrait drawing and painting at the Centre of the Arts at Venray and Venlo.

I am offering workshops in sculpture and painting at my studio.
About Jos Beurskens
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